Greek fairy-tale on Amorgos

Since English summer is rather underwhelming and I’m not getting anywhere close to a warm sea this year, it was a pleasure to go through last year’s photos from Amorgos. Many thanks to our Greek friends, especially Iakovos and Nikos for making this trip possible.

Ladies enjoying the view at descent from Hozoviotissa monastery.

Old man in the Hozoviotissa monastery, seving us sweet, sapid baked raki.

Old windmill in the seaport

Orthodox church in the village of Chora.

Our car pool… unleash the Pandamonium! :-)

Agioi Anargyroi orthodox church in the village of Tholaria.

Our little monument to the winds, on Amorgos beach.

Aegialis village, as seen from Tholaria.

Lovely street cafe among the white walls of Chora.

Swimming by the church.

A moment of serenity…

Welcoming, crystal clear water makes me wish I wasn’t in England.

A rock in red and blue.

Mediterranean dining with style…

Most important source of meat and milk.

The little fort of Chora towers above the village.

Chora from the fort, with a chain of windmills on the hill above.

Church in Chora.

Pages from an old orthodox archive.

The island of Amorgos isn’t very concerned about rising sea levels…

Hozoviotissa monastery is mostly tunneled inside the rock. It was wonderfully cool in there.

Little lady is enjoying the cruise at sunset.

And finally, we depart. It was a relief to see the ferry arrive, amidst the worst of Greek strikes.
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  1. Wonderful images!
    Regards from Greece.

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