Monday, December 8

Geek's birthday

Every once in approximately 31 556 926 seconds the Earth completes its orbit around the only star around for almost 1.29 parsecs. Apparently, the fact that Earth is yet again located in the same relative angular position from the Sun as the day you were born, is a reason to celebrate. And there's more. As Sheldon has eloquently put it, some people even participate in the mass cultural delusion that the sun's apparent position relevant to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality.

Be that as it may, I'd like to share with you some of the greatest and most witty birthday wishes I ever got, and treasure them so much that it would be a pity for them not to be shared... I won't be explaining the mechanics behind these in detail, because this could spoil the fun for the geeks reading this, and the rest of you don't care, anyway, or probably have stopped reading by now. :-D

All of those were created two years ago, when Fox started this on our discussion forum, although his wish is so otherworldly, that I'll keep it for the end. ZZ used unix shell to write a clever pipe of two commands, which looks very cryptic at the first glance, but is in fact very simple.

echo pTaalqbirtARTlqtoqloyhqATaalqbirtARTlqto\
tARTlqtoqloy.qsqIonqxXqzTIqzXoDXr\!|tr fTaplb\
iqMthRtoyhDAmXsInxzr RapHybi\ rthdtou,zhDeAmcsnr

It translates into Happy Birthday song lyrics, along with a suggestion that I shouldn't get too wasted partying that night. Nick immediately created a very smart contra in C programming language:

int main(void)
long long int L = 729987139091064141LL;
while (L) { putchar(L&0xFF); L >>= 8; }
return 0;


If compiled, this gem prints out nothing more than "Me too!". And finally, Fox, who started all this, used Brainfuck language for this jewel of code:

[-]>++++++++[<++++>- ]<+.[-]++++++++++.

It even made me code a simple Brainfuck compiler, to sate the curiosity. One of my friends adorably described this piece of code as: a dead fish without a head, followed by a dead fish without head and a tail, followed by random chopped pieces of dead fish.

So that's it. :-D Thanks a lot guys, it was a load of fun... Have any more clever geek birthday wishes to share?

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Anonymous Sachin Palewar said...

Oops its so Geeky :-)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009 08:22:00 o'clock CET  

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